Celebration of

The Norwich Youth Culture 1967 - 1975   

December 20 2014 (7.30 pm .....on)


Number 12
Farmer's Ave Norwich NR1 3JX

Well now, looking back, it seems like a lifetime ago and, in some ways it probably is. We were all young and anything was possible and we gave no thought with what was to come. Having fun was the only goal we had and, my reflections are, we had lots of fun ! We were quite a group diverse and yet united. A Tribe bound together by the like mindedness of having a good time.

Those times were optimistic and there was a wind of change sweeping through the youth culture. Sgt. Pepper, the era of flower power, love ins, happenings and psychedelia mixed with the artistic expression (and attempted artistic expression) exhibited by places such as Bristow's Bookshop, the Ark Boutique and, of course, The Pan Players of Bacon's House Norwich. Did I leave out Peter Robinson's ?

It has been almost 50 years since those heady days and a few of us have got back together on a couple of occasions over the years to reminisce on those heady times.
Maybe it's just nostalgia or maybe you just a yearning for those days that only growing older can inflict on what was once a free spirit.I for one would love to visit those times just one more time so I am proposing that we all get together again, the free spirits of Norwich,  just once more .As many of you may know I live in Tennessee and over the last 18 years have been back to Norwich on only three occasions. I propose to be there again this Christmas and I have set aside December 20, 2014 is a good day (a Saturday) to see whether it is possible for us to congregate once again and relive old times There is an open invitation to anybody who was not connected directly to The Pan Players but remembers well the Norwich Youth Scene of the from 1967 - 1975.

From : Ashley Mulhall

Is there scope for a bit of a nostalgia trip dealing with some specific Norwich institutions of the same era e.g. Backs, Jolly Butchers and other memorable venues ?

Sure is ! ANYBODY that was around the youth culture of Norwich from 1967-1975 is welcome to get in touch. 

Jolly Butchers, Backs, Whites, The Boar's Head, The Trowel and Hammer, The Bell, Woolpack, The Black Boys. Lunchtime at The Coach and Horses, Peter Robinsons, The Wild Man, The 4 o' clock houses..... and of course"The Run" A half pint in every one of the 20 pubs and hotels from Thorpe Station to the Trowel and Hammer. Let's not forget Purdy's, The Orford  and The Gala.

 John Wilkes

There was some mention of "The Run" above. Click here to learn more "The Run"

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Okay ! Time,date and place have been set.

This is an invitation to anybody  that was part of the 

Norwich Youth Culture from 1965 -1975.

Why not take this opportunity to touch base with old friends you haven't seen since those days or even those you are still in touch with after all these years.
You don't have to know me or any of those from Pan Players this can be your own personal little "get together".
All I ask is if you join the Facebook Group I will take it you are intending to come. If you don't join the group please email me at johnwilkes@panplayers.com so I have an idea of numbers.
The Room at Number 12 takes up to 120 people and there is some overspill. If it all get's too crowded we can always spill over to The Woolpack Inn across the road.
Okay Everything is in place. A  golden opportunity to see old friend so now ...................it's all up to you. 

         Facebook : Norwich Youth Culture 1965-1975 Christmas Reunion